Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Click on the above links for Perennials, Shrubs, or Trees for detailed information on each plant in the Naturalistic Garden.

The Naturalistic Garden is located on the west side of the Dane County UW Extension office building.  Key aspects of naturalistic plantings are density, intermingling, self-sowing, spontaneous native plants and integration with nature.  This garden has 13 varieties of ornamental grasses and many native species including Amelanchier (service berry), Asclepias (butterfly weed), Echinacea (coneflower), Eutrochium maculatum (Joe Pye weed), Hamamelis (witch hazel), Helenium (sneezeweed), Lobelia cardinalis (cardinal flower), Liatris (gayfeather), Mimulus ringus (monkey flower), Monarda (Bee Balm), Rudbeckia (gloriosa daisy), Salvia (sage), Solidago (goldenrod), Symphyotrichum (aster), Veronicastrum (Culver’s Root), etc.  The overall effect is informal and natural.